Allicin from garlic is a fascinating substance and hardly any other natural substance is researched worldwide as much as allicin. This is understandable: besides a truly amazing antimicrobial potency, there is an enormous variety of other biological effects such as killing cancer cells in in vitro experiments. But allicin also offers approaches for use in a wide range of agricultural or even engineering applications. The problem with allicin is its high reactivity and also its strong odour.
However, in order to take advantage of the enormous number of promising studies that have been done with allicin in recent years, a concerted effort is needed to advance research in an interdisciplinary approach that will make actual application beyond research possible. This includes approaches such as in situ production of allicin or chemical modification of allicin to make it even more suitable for fields of application.
GENAWIF wants to take such an approach with its worldwide Allicin Competence Centre (ACc), which bundles current research results on allicin, makes methods and tools available for further research, networks and itself works on the central challenges facing the application of allicin through interdisciplinary research.
At present, the ACc is still under construction.
If you have any questions, please contact the scientific head of the ACc, association chairman Dr. Martin Gruhlke,