The Society for Natural and Drug Research (GENAWIF) in Aachen was founded in 2020 on the basis of the founding members’ many years of involvement with the natural substance allicin. Allicin is an extremely antimicrobial molecule, but also has a wide range of biological effects in cells. In order to further promote this work, it was decided to found the GENAWIF association.

In the course of the many years of work on allicin, a number of different tools were developed that can now be useful for research into the biological mode of action of natural and active substances. GENAWIF’s mission is to use the knowledge and tools we have to make natural and active substances applicable and better understandable. Thus, it has set itself the goal of understanding the molecular and cellular mode of action of natural and active substances and to make this knowledge available for application in medicine and agriculture. To this end, we conduct and promote research activities (also as contract research), network scientists through exchange and discourse, advise institutions, facilities and companies on natural products and conduct public relations work.